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Summary of Programs:

Doorstep Democracy

    Goal:                                    "building relationships for achieving sustainable transportation"

    Objective:                              open lines of communication to facilitate public discussion

    On-going Projects:                 survey Missoula residents and publish results; host events to build        
                                              community; initiate specific campaigns


Share the City, Share the Street

    Goal:                                      “building knowledge for achieving sustainable transportation”

    Objective:                               provide educational opportunities for the community

    On-going Projects:                    lead presentations, workshops, and fieldtrips


Missoula Model    

    Goal:                                   “building infrastructure for achieving sustainable transportation”

    Objective:                            help create optimal streets, trails and public places

    On-going Projects:                 measure the sustainability of the Missoula transportation system,                                                 determine needed improvements, and advocate for change

Free Cycles

    Goal:                                    “building vehicles for achieving sustainable transportation”

    Objective:                             provide free bicycles, parts and help to the community

    On-going Projects:                 operate the Community Bicycle Shop and organize special events