Road Projects

Dust on Greenough Drive

Dust is an issue on many streets in Missoula.  The link below shows more about the issue on Greenough Dr.

Greenough Drive Dust Issues- Pictures and captions


Reserve St. and Mullan Intersection

The project was complete in summer of 2011.  Initial results show a crash reduction at the immediate intersection, yet

Spruce St. East

Fall 2012 update: E. Spruce appears to be working well for all modes of transportation.  Some improvements could be made with regards to slowing speeds 2-5mph further, yet overall the lane widths seem to be about right for balancing:

2  bike lanes
2  travel lanes
1 parking lane parallel
1 parking lane angle (back-in)


Brooks St, Mount to Higgins

Brooks St. from Mount to Higgins was repaved in Summer of 2010, adding in bike lanes, by removing parking on one side of the street. 

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