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A Beautiful Day

August 4th, 2022.   Today, over 100 people will visit the Free Cycles community bicycle shop... just like yesterday, and all summer long. Free Cycles is a program of MIST, even though Free Cycles started up several months before MIST was born, back in 1996. 'What good is a community bicycle shop if the city is not safe to bike in'? 'What good is a city if you cannot walk safely'? 'How does transit, motor vehicles, land use design and sustainability come together to make for a healthy place to live'? These were the types of questions that lead to the formation of MIST, just on the heels of the Free Cycles start up endeavor. 26 years later- a marathon of time- and the synergy of the two efforts is still humming and buzzing with effective results.  Let's ride, let's walk, let's share public mobility... and when we drive (if we must) let's be mindful, safe and aim for a healthier environment. We have a long way to go. Missoula can do it, by learning from others and by sharing lessons along the way. It's a beautiful day, enjoy. -Bob Giordano, Director, Free Cycles, MIST

Sustainable Transportation wams up in Missoula
April, 2022: Lots of projects happening in Missoula. Higgins is finally being redesigned- go to engage missoula to submit comments. It looks like Higgins will undergo a 4 to 3 lane conversion and gain protected bike lanes (AKA cycle tracks). Front and Main are in design process, with the leading option to convert both streets back to two way traffic. Protected bike lanes will be a part of the project; however, only one side of each street has a protected bike lane at this stage of project development. We are deciding whether to support or oppose the current design. Transit oriented development is being designed into the Brooks corridor. While roundabouts will be built this summer on Mullan, at both George Elmer and Mary Jane, the design is one of the worst we've ever seen. More bike lanes, trails and sidewalks will be built this summer throughout town. Lastly, the 'road diet' on both S. 5th and S. 6th seem to be working extremel well.  Crashes have mostly gone away, and the walk, bike, drive and transit systems now operate with greater safety, efficiency and livability. Thanks for the interest!
Moving Forward
December 2021: Exciting and challenging times all at once. At MIST and Free Cycles we have a lot of gratitude for community, health and people working together. The Free Cycles community bike shop recently finished a busy season of outside work, now transitioning back inside for the winter. MIST is focused, as always, on community engagement and education surrounding our individual and collective movement.  Infrastructure sorely needs changing, to make all citizens feel inclusive. Opportunity arises, very soon...  the Higgins cooridor, from Brooks to Broadway, has design options being created right now, with more public engagement coming in early 2022. The same can be said for Front St. and Main St, in the heart of Missoula. Our analysis shows that single lanes for motor traffic in each direction with protected bike ways is a very good option, for safety and flow for all. Stay involved, be in touch, and let's make a sustainable transportation system in Missoula, Montana!   
community movement
Summer, 2021:  The community of Missoula is full of dedicated people and organizations working to make the world a better place.  The work seems to be paying off, as we move towards a more sustainable community. Walking, biking and public transit play strong roles in health and sustainability. Free Cycles and MIST are honored to help out in any way we can. Want to be involved? Come see us at the Free Cycles community bicycle shop. Thank you! more at freecycles.org
Healthy and Prosperous Transportation

February 2021:  The need and awareness for sustainable transportation continues to grow here in Missoula, Montana, as well as most other places on the planet!  Save for isolated places of small tribes of people where walking and running are still the main and only methods to move about, the rest of the planet is coming to terms with community and mobility. While we'd be one of the first to extoll the amazing virtues of the humble automobile, we'd likewise readily admit the challenges- and dangers- of relying too much on passive movement. MIST, and our affiliate Free Cycles program, are all about active transportation! 

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